PIMS testing

Introducing ‘PIMS’

Emissions Analytics and its partner National Air Quality Testing Services (NAQTS), has developed measurement technology and techniques to analyse real cabin air quality - PIMS (Pollution In-Cabin Measurement System). Through taking measurements from two PIMS units, one placed inside the vehicle, the other outside it, we measure the relationship between the ambient environment and the interior. How effective is the ventilation and air conditioning system and associated filters in protecting passengers from external pollution?


CO2, particulate number (15nm lower size cut-off)
Optional: NO2, VOCs, CO

Custom Testing

Emissions Analytics operates a consultative and flexible approach. Tests are conducted independently by Emissions Analytics, on an agreed testing cycle within agreed parameters. We perform tests globally via our facilities in Germany, UK, USA and South Korea.

Types of Testing

  • Benchmarking – vehicles and cabin air quality technologies

  • Intervention – before and after testing, comparison of filter media for example

  • Non-regulatory

In-cabin air quality real-world database, (EQUA Cq rating)

Emissions Analytics independently sources and tests European and US passenger cars. Corporate subscription to the EQUA Cq Database allows access to the results database and the ability to compare vehicles for the different components of their Real Cabin Air Quality.

  • European and North American databases available

  • Test cycle based upon static test and dynamic field test performed on public highways including different road types and environments

  • Test results record real-world CO2 and PN (15nm)

  • Vehicle meta-data and test conditions recorded

pims testing
pims testing
pims testing