Management team

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Nick Molden
Founder & CEO

Oxford graduate Nick Molden has more than fifteen years’ experience in the information sector, specialising in advanced modelling techniques to help businesses extract profit from data. Through real-world testing Nick is profoundly committed to improving vehicle emissions. As well as leading Emissions Analytics and the EQUA Index, he is the co-founder of Allow Independent Road-testing (AIR).


Eric Verdon-Roe

Having graduated from Oxford Eric Verdon-Roe started work at Haymarket Media Group in 1976, working his way up to take responsibility for the consumer division in 1990 before becoming group managing director in 2000. He was deeply involved in the creation of Haymarket’s motoring group, now the largest automotive publishing entity in the UK. He left in 2009 and spent time running Chelsea Auto Legends at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea.


Rick Beazley
General Manager

Rick joined the company in March 2018. His responsibilities at Emissions Analytics include planning test projects across Europe in conjunction with the Project Director, management of equipment and directing technical staff. His previous worldwide experience has given him the skills required to manage the team effectively ensuring that tests are conducted to the highest standard in any challenging situation.


Sam Boyle
EQUA Director

Sam has spent most of his working life in the motorsport sector, as technician, mechanic and team manager before becoming the director of Marc Goosens Motor Sport in Belgium in 2001. At Emissions Analytics he is responsible for all road testing vehicles and his impeccable attention to detail makes sure this is done to the highest standard.


Stephen Hayton
Project Director

Steve has been working with Emissions Analytics since the company began testing in 2011 and has overseen data collection on every test carried out in Europe to date. He is responsible for running the team of technicians with a directive to gather as much high-quality data as possible for both the EQUA Index and our clients across Europe.


James Holland
Chief Technology Officer

Since graduating from Oxford, James Holland has specialised in designing and building complex software systems. James has expertise in low-level networking, real-time transaction processing, and analysis of very large datasets. Prior to Emissions Analytics, James was the Lead Data Architect at The Retail Equation and was responsible for the development of a fraud tracking service for the retail industry.


James Hobday
Business Development Director

James began his career at the Financial Times before joining Integer Research in 2009, and has now worked for ten years in the emissions sector. At Emissions Analytics, James works with a wide range of emissions stakeholders, including governments, manufacturers, technology suppliers, oil companies and research institutions.


Dr Nicolas Bogs
New Business Development, Europe

Nic helps businesses to grow and develop. Through ideas, talent or advice. He is bilingual (English/German) and a certified business coach. Following different management positions he developed the German division of a London-based Media Group. He was also appointed member of the international board. Nic is fascinated by metropolitan centres across the globe and lives with his family in downtown Hamburg. Currently, he is learning what should eventually be called golf.