Real-world test database

equa index

Emissions Analytics has independently tested over 1,600 passenger vehicles, with another 400 scheduled for 2018. Our proprietary EQUA Index test cycle compares the real-world performance of vehicles. The resulting database is the world’s largest commercially available RDE database, the EQUA Index.

Headline ratings are free, via, while numerical data and meta-test data are via corporate access.

We offer a tailored data subscription service to clients who currently include manufacturers representing over half the cars on the road in Europe by sales; government departments; Tier 1 suppliers; consultants, investors and advisors.

Segmented by region, manufacturer, vehicle class, regulatory standard and powertrain, the vehicles have all been tested by Emissions Analytics on the road using Portable Emissions Measurement Systems (PEMS). New vehicles from Europe and the US are added weekly.

Results permit drill-down capability with individual test results. Air quality data is available on NOx and the NO2 fraction, in addition to selected cold start and particulate filter regeneration behaviour. Fuel economy results are displayed as miles per gallon and litres per 100km, together with real-world carbon dioxide emissions.